Cute Halloween Decorations

A good example of an idea for Cute Halloween Decorations from Good Housekeeping would be to decorate the leading porch and walkway with fake ravens and crows perched on pumpkins and tree branches. Utilize the pumpkins as bases to put up a collection of dead tree branches. Another idea is to scoop out mini pumpkins and use them to put up small candles. You can add black pipe cleaners to the mini pumpkins to replicate spider legs.

A notion from here is to make a headless horseman as a home greeter and have a wooden pumpkin put up as the head. Another idea about Cute Halloween Decorations would be to paint birdhouses in somber colors and set them up as a little ghost town display. Fake spiders, snakes and birds can boost the creepiness of the display. An original pumpkin decoration idea from Cute Halloween Decorations is by using black glitter to produce creepy images on pumpkins instead of carving them. Another idea is always to paint old wine bottle black, add vintage handwritten labels in their mind and display them as an organization with other creepy objects.

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